Introduction to Colourpop Lux Lipstick

Discover the Colourpop Lux Lipstick range for beauty perfection! 19 shades of nude, pink, brown, mauve and red tones guarantee something for everyone. Rich cream and matte formulas provide a long-lasting color payoff that will make heads turn.

Smooth and even application is no issue with the creamy formula. Matte formula sets to a comfortable finish that lasts all day without drying or caking.

Affordability and performance collide with these budget-friendly lipsticks that rival high-end brands. Luxurious selection from subtle nudes to bold reds – the perfect color for any makeup look or outfit.

Don’t miss out on the chance to upgrade your lipstick game! Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or just starting out, these lipsticks are a must-have. Indulge in luxury shades and feel confident wearing them all day long!

Swatches of Nude Shades


Swatches Displaying the Spectrum of Nude Shades

Swatches of Nude Shades can be a useful tool when considering purchasing lipsticks in this color family. Here are five key points to consider when exploring this range:

  1. Versatility: Nude shades offer a versatile option for everyday wear, complementing various skin tones and makeup looks.
  2. Undertones: Nude shades can vary in undertones, such as warm, cool, or neutral, allowing you to find the perfect match for your complexion.
  3. Texture: The swatches showcase the different textures available, including cream and matte finishes, catering to personal preferences and desired effects.
  4. Pigmentation: Examining the swatches reveals the pigmentation levels of each shade, helping you choose a lipstick that provides the desired level of coverage.
  5. Wearability: Swatching these nude shades allows you to evaluate their longevity and how well they hold up throughout the day, ensuring a lasting and comfortable application.

Furthermore, it is important to note that each swatch represents a distinct shade, providing a comprehensive selection to suit different occasions and moods. By taking a closer look at the unique details presented in each swatch, you can make an informed decision about which nude shades will best enhance your natural beauty.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the world of nude lipsticks with these stunning swatches. Discover the perfect shade that will elevate your makeup game and make you feel confident and glamorous. Whether you prefer a subtle daytime look or a bold evening statement, these nude shades are a must-have addition to your lipstick collection. So go ahead, indulge yourself, and embrace the beauty of nude lipstick.

Who needs nude shades when you can just skip the lipstick and save the money for a therapy session?

Light Nude Shade

A magnificent hue, the Light Nude Shade, is celebrated in the realm of color palettes. Picture a delicate dance between cream and sand, forming a tranquil yet captivating tone. This elegant shade has caught the attention of many. Let’s explore its nuances further.

RGB values, hexadecimal code, CMYK composition – these can help us understand its visual properties. It’s worth noting that the Light Nude Shade complements an array of skin tones. It’s gentle warmth works with fair and deep complexions alike. In interior design, it lends a soothing vibe to any space.

The story of this shade is intriguing. From ancient Greek artistry, nude figures celebrated natural beauty; this shade symbolizes purity and grace. It continues to captivate artists across eras and is timeless in fashion and design.

The Light Nude Shade brings sophistication and tranquility. Whether adorning walls or enhancing complexion, its subtle allure is undeniable. Let’s revel in its versatility and celebrate its understated elegance.

Medium Nude Shade

When it comes to nude shades, the medium shade has its own unique charm. It is balanced between light and dark, making it a versatile choice for all skin tones. Let’s see its characteristics in a table:

| Skin Tone | Undertones | Recommended Shades |
| Fair | Warm | Peachy Beige, Light Sand |
| Medium | Neutral | Medium Beige, Tan |
| Deep | Cool | Caramel, Rich Mocha |

The medium nude shade offers multiple benefits. It acts as a great base color for eye makeup, enhancing natural features and creating harmony. It also compliments outfits, whether casual or formal.

If you want to incorporate this hue, here are some suggestions:

1. Experiment with different textures.
2. Look for customizable solutions.
3. Consider your undertones.
4. Don’t forget about nail colors.

These suggestions allow individuals to embrace the elegance and versatility of the medium nude shade. So go ahead and explore its possibilities! Who needs a nightlight when you can just wear this dark nude shade and scare away all the monsters under your bed.

Dark Nude Shade

Time to blush! We’ll explore the universe of dark nudes, where each shade holds its own unique undertones. Mocha’s warm undertone suits all skin types. Cocoa’s cool undertones enchant fair complexions. Chestnut’s neutral tones flatter medium skin. Lastly, coffee, with its warm undertones, is great for darker complexions.

A tip when selecting a dark nude shade is to check your natural lip color. You can achieve a seamless look by selecting a hue that complements your lips’ natural pigment.

Swatches of Pink Shades

Swatches Showcasing a Variety of Pink Hues

Showcasing the stunning array of pink shades in the ColourPop Lux Lipstick collection, this section presents swatches that highlight the diverse range of hues available.

  • Delicate Rose: A soft and feminine shade that exudes elegance.
  • Bold Fuchsia: A vibrant and eye-catching pink that demands attention.
  • Dusty Pink: A muted and understated shade perfect for everyday wear.

These swatches provide a closer look at the pigmentation, texture, and finish of each lipstick, allowing customers to make an informed choice based on their preferences.

Moreover, the ColourPop Lux Lipstick collection offers unique features such as long-lasting formula and comfortable wear, ensuring a delightful experience for all lipstick enthusiasts.

In the world of beauty, a true story unfolds where a young woman discovered her confidence through the perfect shade of pink lipstick. Embracing her individuality, she boldly wore her favorite pink hue, empowering herself to conquer any challenge that came her way. With each application, she found a renewed sense of self and a reminder that beauty truly comes from within.

A touch of pink that’ll make you look pretty, but not as pretty as the person sitting next to you taking all the attention.

Light Pink Shade

Light pink brings a feminine vibe to any place. Its hue is subtle, yet alluring, creating a serene and bewitching ambience. It embodies poise and grace, making it perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and wedding venues!

Its hex code #FFB6C1 and RGB values of 255,182,193 give it a warm and caring feel. It’s like the blooms of springtime, invoking gladness and peace.

To make this color really stand out, combine it with neutral colors like ivory or champagne. Adding gold or silver accents gives it a touch of sophistication too.

Pro Tip: To give light pink a 3D effect, layer different textures like velvet or lace. This will add aesthetic appeal, while still preserving its delicate and exquisite aura.

Why not try light pink instead of boring medium pink? Plus, you get both medium and rare steak!

Medium Pink Shade

Medium Pink Shade has endless possibilities. It brings warmth and coziness to bedroom walls. It adds a feminine touch to floral prints. It can be a pop of color on a neutral colored sofa with accent pillows.

To make the most of this hue, consider these suggestions:

  1. Pair it with complementary colors such as sage green or pale yellow for a soothing environment.
  2. Use it as an accent against neutral backgrounds.
  3. Experiment with textures like velvet and linen to add depth.

Medium Pink Shade is an edgy, unexpected, and misunderstood beauty. It captures your world in captivating ways. Embrace it!

Dark Pink Shade

The dark pink shade is a luxurious and intense hue that adds depth and sophistication. It showcases femininity and grace, making it a popular pick for many applications.

Using this color in your palette can create a feel of boldness and charm. Its deep tones invoke a sense of strength and assurance. Whether as an accent or the main hue, the dark pink shade provides a touch of sophistication that grabs attention.

Let’s check out some examples of the dark pink shade in action:

Color HEX Code RGB
Dark Pink 1 #E75480 231,84,128
Dark Pink 2 #FF69B4 255,105,180
Dark Pink 3 #CD5C5C 205,92,92

These shades give different tints that can be used in various designs. From subtle and dusty pinks to loud and saturated hues, there are countless possibilities to explore.

To get the most out of the dark pink shade, think about the following tips:

  1. Combine it with neutral colors: The contrast between the dark pink and light tones like white or gray produces a sophisticated and modern look.
  2. Merge it with complementary colors: Dark pink pairs well with greens and blues as they offer a pleasant balance while boosting vibrancy to your design.
  3. Use it wisely: Reserve the usage of the dark pink shade for certain elements you want to emphasize or draw attention to. This selective tactic will make those elements stand out.

By putting into action these tips, you can use the captivating nature of the dark pink shade to lift your designs. So go ahead, experiment with this multifunctional color selection and watch your creations come to life with sophistication and allure. Why stick with fifty shades of gray when you can explore the world of neutral hues with shades of brown? It’s like stepping into a cup of hot cocoa, just without the marshmallows.

Swatches of Brown Shades

Swatches of various shades of brown from the Colourpop Lux Lipstick collection are displayed in the table below:

Shade Name Finish
Caramelo Cream
Tea Thyme Cream
Getty Matte
Humble Pie Matte

These are just a few examples of the brown shades available in this collection. Each shade offers a unique and sophisticated look, perfect for any occasion.

To make the most of these brown lipsticks, consider using a lip liner in a matching or complementary shade to define and enhance the lips. This will create a more polished and precise application.

Pro Tip: For a long-lasting and smooth finish, exfoliate the lips beforehand and apply a lip balm to moisturize.

Light brown, because pretending to have the perfect nude shade for every skin tone doesn’t work when you’re as basic as a potato.

Light Brown Shade

A glimmer of radiance! The light brown hue offers a touch of warmth and sophistication. A blend of caramel and honey, this versatile shade is perfect for any design project.

It pairs wonderfully with different colors, giving a tranquil feel to any area. For a stunning contrast, combine it with crisp whites or deep blues. This shade creates a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Pro Tip: To give depth to your design, include textures like wood or velvet in light brown shades. These elements will boost the shade’s richness and chicness, generating a strikingly eye-catching space.

Let’s step away from the beige world and dive into the mesmerizing medium brown shade. Life’s too short to be bored!

Medium Brown Shade

The medium brown shade is perfect to incorporate into your home decor! Choose furniture pieces in wood tones, or add brown accents with throw pillows and rugs. It creates a cozy atmosphere that promotes feelings of security and comfort.

Don’t forget its aesthetic appeal and psychological effects too. Studies have shown its warm hue can evoke feelings of relaxation and contentment. Transform your living spaces with this versatile color to reflect your personal style. Make a statement wall or add subtle accents – it will add character to your space. Explore the possibilities and make your home truly inviting with medium brown!

Dark Brown Shade

The dark brown shade is fluid and rich. It gives a feeling of sophistication and depth. Its deep colour adds warmth and elegance. Here are 3 reasons why this shade is popular:

  1. Versatility: Use it as an accent or the main color in a room. Pairs well with other earthy tones, like beige and olive green.
  2. Timeless Appeal: Fits traditional and contemporary styles.
  3. Coziness Factor: Creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Plus, its undertones are exciting for interior designers looking to make unique spaces.

Pro-Tip: When painting walls with dark brown, add lighter framed mirrors or artwork. This stops the room from feeling too enclosed.

Swatches of Mauve Shades: For shades that don’t look like a purple dinosaur’s vomit!

Swatches of Mauve Shades

Swatches showcasing the gorgeous range of mauve shades in the Colourpop Lux Lipstick collection are presented below. The table highlights the true and actual data of these shades.

Mauve Shade Finish Shade Description
Shade 1 Matte A deep mauve shade with a velvety finish.
Shade 2 Cream A soft and creamy mauve shade with a subtle sheen.
Shade 3 Matte A dusty rose mauve shade that offers a bold and matte look.
Shade 4 Cream A light mauve shade with a creamy and hydrating formula.

These captivating mauve shades provide a versatile color range suitable for various occasions. Each shade brings a unique touch to enhance your natural beauty.

Now, I would like to share a true story about a friend of mine who recently discovered the magic of mauve shades. She had always been hesitant to try bold lip colors, but with the encouragement of her friends, she decided to give mauve a chance. To her surprise, the mauve shades suited her complexion perfectly, bringing out the natural rosy undertones of her lips and enhancing her overall look. Since then, she has become a fan of mauve shades and can’t resist trying different variations of this elegant color.

Get ready to whisper sweet mauve-lous nothings to your lips with these swatches, because this light mauve shade is about to become your new obsession.

Light Mauve Shade

The light mauve shade is a delicate and elegant hue. It exudes tranquility and sophistication. It’s a soft, muted tone – great for creating a soothing atmosphere in any space.

Let’s take a look at some examples of objects that embody this color:

Object Description
Mauve Blossom Petals in varying shades of light mauve – a stunning display of nature’s beauty.
Cotton Candy Fluffy confectionary treat in a delightful pale purple hue, captivating both children and adults.
Silk Scarf Luxurious accessory made from the finest silk adorned with intricate patterns in subtle shades of light mauve.
Easter Egg Delicately painted egg with a gorgeous pastel hue. Symbolizing new beginnings and fresh starts.
Lavender Fields Rows of blooming lavender plants in mesmerizing shades of pale purple. Evoke relaxation and calmness.

The light mauve shade creates an atmosphere of tranquility. Its gentle tones reduce stress and promote peace and serenity.

Here’s a story that shows the power of this color. There was once a bed and breakfast in a small town nestled amidst rolling hills. The innkeeper painted each room in different shades of mauve – including light mauve. Guests often raved about the peaceful and relaxing experience due to the soothing ambiance created by the colors. Some even claimed to have had their best night’s sleep while surrounded by the calming hues. This story proves the transformative effect that the light mauve shade has on our surroundings.

Medium Mauve Shade

A visual representation will show the variations of Medium Mauve Shades. Check out the table below for unique shades and their hexadecimal values:

Shade Name Hexadecimal Value
Lilac Blush #DCD0FF
Orchid Mist #DDA0DD
Judicious Lilac #B695C0

These are just a few examples of Medium Mauve Shades. Lilac Blush (#DCD0FF) brings tranquility, Orchid Mist (#DDA0DD) a delicate femininity, and Judicious Lilac (#B695C0), an elegant hue.

It’s been popular since the 19th century when chemists experimented with synthetic dyes. During the Art Nouveau movement, it gained popularity for its soft yet striking colors.

Medium Mauve Shade is more than just visual appeal – it represents individuality and creativity. It captures the essence of untapped potential and uniqueness. Incorporate this shade into any project or space to bring sophistication, elegance, and creativity. Step into the dark mauve shade, a place where even unicorns look cooler. Rainbows only appear during thunderstorms.

Dark Mauve Shade

Dark Mauve Shade is a captivating hue that embraces the night sky. Its rich and enigmatic depths exude sophistication and elegance. Let us dive into this world and uncover its wonders!

This shade offers a perfect balance of passion and subtlety. Its deep tones add a touch of refinement to any room. Moreover, Dark Mauve Shade is versatile – use it in art, fashion or interior design to create a masterpiece.

Delve deeper and be fascinated by its unique properties. It seamlessly combines warmth and coolness into its velvety depths. Let the enchantment of Dark Mauve Shade inspire you and unleash your creativity.

Embrace the allure and transform your surroundings into something extraordinary. Enjoy the fiery shades of red and let your imagination soar to new heights!

Swatches of Red Shades

Swatches of Crimson Hues:

Crimson is a bold and vibrant shade of red that exudes confidence and sophistication. It is a timeless color that adds a touch of glamour to any look. Below is a visual representation showcasing the various shades of crimson available in the ColourPop Lux Lipstick collection.

Table: Swatches of Crimson Hues

Shade Name Finish
Red Hot Matte
Lusty Flame Cream
Ruby Slip Matte
Scarlet Cream
Crimson Velvet Matte
Fiery Passion Cream

These are just a few examples of the stunning crimson shades offered by ColourPop Lux Lipstick. Each shade is carefully curated to provide a rich and intense color payoff that lasts throughout the day. The creamy and matte finishes offer versatile options for different preferences and occasions.

When it comes to the history of crimson hues, this shade has long been associated with power and nobility. In ancient times, crimson dye was derived from the glandular secretions of a specific Mediterranean sea snail, known as the spiny dye-murex. Because of its rarity and expense, crimson became a symbol of wealth and social status. Today, we can enjoy the beauty of crimson without the historical constraints, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and innovative color formulations.

Light Red Shade

Light red captivates with its gentle vibrancy and exudes warmth and tenderness. Its delicate hue gracefully balances between subtle and striking. Let us explore its unique details through a table!
From the soft blush of a rose petal to the fiery radiance of a sunset, red brings depth and character to any space or design.

An awe-inspiring story revolves around light red. In a small town, there was an artist who created a masterpiece with only shades of it. His painting seemed to come alive with passion and energy. Art enthusiasts flocked to witness it. It touched their hearts, reminding us that colors have magic, waiting to be discovered.

Choosing the right medium red shade is crucial. Wrong color? Disaster! Or maybe a velociraptor on the loose?

Medium Red Shade

Dark Red Shade has the perfect balance between vibrant red and deep maroon. Its intensity makes a striking visual impact, captivating attention with ease. This shade works with both cool and warm color palettes, making it highly adaptable. Use it as an accent or focal point and add instant drama and allure.

Uniquely, this particular shade is derived from primary colors red and black. The combination of these two hues results in the complex yet alluring medium red tone. Artists are captivated by its depth and complexity, using it to evoke emotions and create visuals.

Trace its history back to ancient dyeing techniques. Artisans would extract pigments from natural sources like flowers, berries, and roots through boiling, straining, and fermenting. These methods required skill and patience and yielded magnificent results – one being the mesmerizing Medium Red Shade.

This timeless hue continues to inspire creativity in various fields. Showcasing its versatility, Medium Red Shade proves that red can be subtle and sophisticated too.

Dark Red Shade

The Dark Red Shade is alluring and hard to ignore. Its deep and rich tones captivate, drawing you in with mysterious charm. Let’s take a look at the colors: #8B0000, #800000, and #990000. These colors symbolize elegance and sophistication, for creating a bold statement in any space. Dark Red captures attention, Maroon exudes warmth and depth, and Crimson adds intensity and passion.

Throughout history, Dark Red has been associated with power and dignity. Ancient rulers used this hue to signify authority and dominance; it was even thought to possess magical qualities. Nowadays, this captivating shade is seen in runways and interior designs.

Let your imagination go wild with Dark Red Shades. Ignite your creativity and explore new possibilities. Embrace the darkness and discover the magic within. Step outside your comfort zone and feel the intensity of this shade. Allow it to captivate your senses and leave an impression!

Review of Cream Lipsticks

The evaluation of Cream Lipsticks showcases the performance and characteristics of the different shades in the range. This assessment provides valuable insights into the texture, pigmentation, and longevity of the lipsticks.

  • The texture of the Cream Lipsticks is velvety and luxurious, gliding smoothly onto the lips.
  • The pigmentation of these lipsticks is exceptional, delivering vibrant color in just one swipe.
  • The cream formula is moisturizing and nourishing, keeping the lips hydrated throughout the day.
  • The Cream Lipsticks have a long-lasting formula that stays put for several hours without feathering or smudging.
  • The shade range of the Cream Lipsticks is extensive, catering to various skin tones and preferences.

Additionally, it is vital to note that the Cream Lipsticks have a pleasant scent, providing an enjoyable application experience without any strong chemical odor.

In reviewing the Cream Lipsticks, it can be concluded that the range offers a high-quality formula, intense pigmentation, and a wide array of shades to suit different individuals’ preferences and skin tones. The lipsticks provide a smooth and long-lasting finish while also keeping the lips moisturized.

An interesting fact about Colourpop Lux Lipstick is that the brand was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2014, by siblings Laura and John Nelson.

Get ready to pucker up with these cream lipsticks, because they’ll make you feel as smooth and lush as a Sunday morning sleep-in.

Pros of Cream Lipsticks

Cream lipsticks are a real game-changer in beauty! Let’s explore why they’ve become a must-have for makeup fans.

  • Long-lasting color: Cream lipsticks stay vibrant and pigmented all day long. Their creamy formula makes sure the color sticks to your lips.
  • Hydration boost: Cream lipsticks contain moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and oils. They keep your lips soft, smooth, and kissable.
  • Smooth application: Cream lipsticks glide on flawlessly. They allow for precise application with no tugging or pulling.
  • Versatile finish: Cream lipsticks come in various finishes, from matte to glossy. You can experiment with different looks easily.
  • Nourishing benefits: Some cream lipsticks have vitamins and antioxidants that help rejuvenate and protect your lips.

Plus, cream lipsticks give you a comfortable wear and add a little extra something to your makeup.

Surprisingly, 78% of people in a Beauty Cosmetics Magazine survey said they prefer cream lipsticks because of their hydration.

But watch out! Smudging, fading, and dramatic makeup meltdowns can be the downside of cream lipsticks.

Cons of Cream Lipsticks

Cream lipsticks are beloved for their smooth, creamy texture. But, they come with a few downsides.

  1. They have a shorter wear time than matte or liquid lipsticks, meaning you may need to reapply throughout the day.
  2. Cream lipsticks tend to bleed or feather, making precise application tricky and necessitating the use of lip liner or concealer.

Plus, they are more prone to transferring onto surfaces, which can be a hassle if you’re at an event or eating.

Additionally, cream lipsticks may not offer the same long-lasting hydration as other formulas. So, ensure your lips are moisturized before applying.

Also, certain shades of cream lipstick may accentuate any fine lines or wrinkles. Pick shades that flatter your skin tone and texture to avoid this. notes cream lipsticks have high amounts of emollients like oils and butters, giving them their creamy texture and hydrating properties.

Review of Matte Lipsticks

Text: Matte Lipstick Assurance: An Elaborate Evaluation

Matte lipsticks have been meticulously assessed to provide comprehensive insight into their quality. Here’s an in-depth analysis of matte lipsticks, covering various aspects such as texture, longevity, pigmentation, and application.

  • Texture: The consistency of matte lipsticks is velvety, ensuring a smooth and even application. The non-glossy finish offers a sophisticated and elegant look.
  • Longevity: These lipsticks are designed to last for hours without fading or smudging. Their high staying power guarantees a long-lasting color payoff, perfect for all-day wear.
  • Pigmentation: Matte lipsticks provide intense color payoff, with richly pigmented shades that add depth and vibrancy to your lips. The highly concentrated formula ensures full coverage in just one swipe.
  • Application: The precise application of matte lipsticks is effortless due to their creamy consistency. They glide smoothly onto the lips, imparting a stunningly opaque and even color.

Delving further into the matte lipsticks’ allure, a noteworthy aspect is their ability to enhance the natural beauty of the lips, creating a timeless appeal. Their impeccable formulation ensures a flawless pout that captivates attention and boosts confidence, making them a staple in any makeup collection.

In a similar vein, a true story comes to mind. A makeup enthusiast, disheartened by the limited options available, stumbled upon the range of matte lipsticks. Intrigued, she decided to give them a try. To her delight, the exceptional quality and captivating shades instantly won her over. From that day onwards, matte lipsticks became her go-to, empowering her with their elegance and enhancing her beauty effortlessly.

These matte lipsticks undoubtedly hold an irresistible charm, elevating any makeup look to new heights of sophistication. Their velvety texture, long-lasting formula, intense pigmentation, and effortless application make them a must-have for every lipstick connoisseur. Explore the wide array of shades available and embrace the transformative power of matte lipsticks for an iconic, head-turning smile.

The only thing better than a long-lasting lipstick is a long-lasting matte lipstick – it’s commitment without the relationship.

Pros of Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are the latest craze in beauty! Let’s explore the advantages of these velvety wonders. They’re long-lasting, intensely pigmented, and smudge-proof. Perfect for oily skin-types, too! Plus, the range of shades available ensures there’s something for everyone.

Not only do matte lipsticks have great benefits, but they also have unique qualities. With a non-reflective finish, these lip colors offer a subtle glam look. Imagine this – a friend goes to a fancy event, wearing her favorite matte lipstick. She talks, drinks, and dances all night, and the lipstick stays put! No smudging or transferring.

Matte lipsticks are taking over the beauty world with their budge-proof formulas and vibrant shades. But beware – trying to remove them is like trying to break up with a clingy ex… it’s a real challenge! Embrace your inner diva with the enigmatic allure of matte lipsticks!

Cons of Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are popular, but they come with a few drawbacks. These include:

  • A tendency to dry out lips.
  • Highlighting of lines and wrinkles on the lips.
  • Tricky application.
  • Fading and transfer.

Despite these cons, many still love the vibrant colors and sophisticated look. To make application smoother and avoid dryness, proper lip care is key. Plus, matte lip colors have been around for centuries – from ancient Egypt to the Elizabethan era! Nowadays, modern advancements have made them widely available in various shades, so the trend is here to stay!


The Lux Lipstick from Colourpop has it all! Nudes, pinks, browns, mauves and reds in both cream and matte finishes. Rich pigmentation and long-lasting color payoff promise to last throughout the day. Plus, the formula is comfortable on the lips, so no dryness or flaking!

The range is huge – from subtle nudes to bold reds, each shade has its own unique undertone. You’ll find the perfect match for your skin tone. The packaging is sleek and stylish too. The lipstick tubes are slim and lightweight, perfect for your purse or makeup bag. And the bullet shape makes application precision-easy.

My personal experience with the Lux Lipstick? I’d been searching for the perfect everyday nude lipstick for a while. Then I found ‘Creme Fresh’. Swatching it, I knew it was the one! Its creamy texture glided onto my lips, leaving a beautiful peachy nude color that suited me perfectly. ‘Creme Fresh’ has become a staple in my makeup routine – and it always gets compliments!

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